Destiny – Bungie at PAX East 2013 on “Creating New Worlds”

Exactly how does one go about creating a universe of a nearly unimaginably size for a brand new fantasy/sci-fi shared-world FPS like Destiny?

Developers Bungie tell us how in a recent PAX East 2013 panel titled, “Destiny – Building a Brave New World.”

Throughout the panel, writer and design director Joseph S. and art director Christopher B. share Bungie’s world buildlng techniques and describe the core pillars that Destiny is built on: a world that is hopeful and inviting, an idealized reality, filled with mystery and adventure, and a place where you can become a legend.

What exactly do those pillars mean for a next-generation game like Destiny? Find out in the video presentation below, courtesy of GameSpot.

Destiny will release on current and next-generation platforms, including the PlayStation 4, sometime in 2014.

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