Destiny – 1 Billion Players Have Died In The Crucible, PvP Balancing Is Being Discussed

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Destiny has been out for just over a week, and already Xbox and PlayStation gamers are racking up some impressive stats and numbers, solidifying the IP as one of the biggest launches in video game history.

According to a recent post from developer Bungie, 100 million hours of Destiny have been played so far, which is enough to watch the Special Extended Edition of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy 8,797,635 times.

You’ve also taken part in 137 million in-game activities — matches in the Crucible included — which is the equivalent to 535,156 regular seasons of the NFL.

Bungie also states that 3 hours is the average gameplay session on weekdays. On weekends, that number is boosted up to 4 hours on average.

Lastly, 1 billion players have perished in the Crucible since launch.

With over a week of game time, Bungie went on to answer a few questions from fans, revealing that, while the studio doesn’t have any solid plans just yet, balancing considerations for rewards and general gameplay in the Crucible are being discussed.

While the current reward set-up for PvP multiplayer is working as intended, Bungie Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague says that “the question you should be asking is: Do we intend for the PVP reward system to work like that forever?”

“The answer is: Ask us again sometime,” he added. “We’re one week clear of the launch pad here. What we can promise is that Destiny is never finished.”

As for gameplay balance, Dague assured readers that discussions are happening in the office “every day.”

“Some of what we discuss comes from our own games. We also pay attention to the Feedback forum if you have, you know, feedback.”

It doesn’t sound like the studio is ready to share some of the feedback they’ve taken to heart so far, so we’ll have to stay tuned for announcements.

Finally, Dague unveiled that a new area in The Tower, Destiny’s social hub, will soon open for the arrival of the Queen’s Emissary, once the new missions become available on September 23. So, gamers will have at least a small new location to discover.

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