Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 Explained and Detailed, Here’s the Info Revealed by Bungie Today

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Bungie has debuted Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 during their livestream today, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect from the update this fall. Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 is set to introduce some major changes as revealed during the live stream, one of them being the new armor upgrade system. Armor will now feature additional stats carried over from the original Destiny along with a new leveling and mod system. You can view down below a compiled list we made of the summary from the stream along with some additional screen captures.

Here’s some of the info we collected during the livestream:

  • Demonstrated how the legendary set for the solstice armor can be upgraded to 2.0 via gunsmith armor upgrade pack
  • Stats come from the armor themselves
  • The characters were all at light level 810. As expected a light level increase is coming with Shadowkeep, though we (MP1st) speculate this number may go up to 810. Current max light level is 750.
  • Exotic items are all converted over to armor 2.0, including drops. All the ones in the collection can be pulled out as armored 2.0 converted with fixed rolls.
  • All legendary drops will be Armor 2.0 when Shadowkeep launches, including vendors and previous raid drops. Do need to be earned again.
  • Randomized perks are gone and replaced with armor energy and armor mods. Each type of armor has an energy type and energy amount. Energy amount tells you how many mods of which energy cost can be socket in. Can be upgraded to from 1 to 10
  • Upgrading the energy amount increases all base stats by +2
  • All armor mods are unlocks meaning they are forever, allowing you to swap things out and experiment as you please.
  • You do need to acquire mods before using them, they will drop from the Gunsmith, world engram, and iron banner/raid engrams.
  • Can spec characters out more towards certain play style. In the demo they had their Titan player geared towards healing.
  • New Material: Ascendant Shards confirmed. Multiple newt sources to earn these resources. Will be talking about this more at Gamescom.
  • Quality of life improvement: Holding down the the left trigger to compare armor opens up a new pop-up screen to display the full item description
  • Cosmetics are now separated in their own screen on whatever armor you are looking at.
  • Artifacts will be able to give you mods later in the season. will dive into it at a later date.
  • You can keep using pre armor 2.0 equipment and mods, they won’t just disappear.
  • Mods can be dismantled into mods component and mods can be bought from the gunsmith.
  • Ammo finder perk now highlights ammo that is dropped specifically from the perk
  • Teammates will now display their class type over their character head rather than their light
  • Hunter’s Shadow shot got a buff.
  • Weapons of light is back!

Over on the Destiny 2 subreddit, user StryderXGaming also posted a bulletpoint compilation as well

  • Solstice armor will become armor 2.0 on Oct 1st ( Talk to Banshee-44 / gives upgrade pack of purple sol gear 2.0)
  • Light Bump to but not sure how high. Saw exotics in stream at 810 light level
  • Adding Intel / Dex / Strgth scale from 0-100 not 1-10 Each 10 points for stat goes into a new tier and aspect boost
  • Glimmer bump to 250k <<<confirmed!
  • New eye of the gate lord shown on character screen Ghost shown over character and sparrow behind guardian on character screen as well.
  • Exotics automatically changed in world and in collection to armor 2.0 version with a fixed roll and can still get different rolls.
  • No randomized perks on armor / replaced with energy and slots
  • Each armor has an energy type and energy can be upgraded
  • Only matching mods can go into matching armor. Armor with void energy either needs void mods or any typemods
  • Each mod requires an amount of energy to slot into your armor
  • Socketing mods cost glimmer
  • Mods Don’t go away when used, mods are unlocked and kept and can be used however many times you want for experimenting builds. Unlocked mods last forever
  • Armor energy upgrades cost glimmer / legendary shards / ascendant shards (new item)
  • Fully upgraded armor gets +2 to all stats
  • Multiple different sources for materials like enchantment cores and ascendant shards
  • Can upgrade some materials into other materials somehow find out more at gamescon, but NF will be a part of it. More focus on being able to earn what you need without RNG
  • Ammo finders are specific to each weapon now not just. Primary / Energy / Heavy and have been tweaked to work better than finders do currently in game.
  • Looks like each armor has 3 mod slots with 10 energy at max level. So either 2 4 cost mods and a 2 mod for a total of 10 or any combo to get close to or at 10 points.
  • Have to weigh what perks weapons have compared to how you want to play when it comes to socketing mods
  • Mods have to acquire mods b4 they can be used. Mods will drop from 3 different sources. Gunsmith on rotations / Gunsmith packages / World Engrams or other pinnacle engram sources, no guesswork on how to get mods.
  • Traction and other armor specific mods will still be in those specific pieces like boots and traction
  • Armor energy types and mods will be shown on hover over in the character UI
  • Universal armor ornaments are now a thing. Can equip what you want to your armor pieces.
  • Exotics looks cant be overwritten like purples can but everything else can
  • Can still use armor glows from Sol armor 2.0 pieces
  • Fusion rifle and linear fusion rifle have different mods now not all under fusion rifles.
  • Mobility / Resilience / Recovery / Discipline / Intellect / Strength are the stats on armor pieces now
  • Pressing down while in a piece of armor now brings up the appearance screen for that piece of armor
  • Still no shaders on exotic ornaments from what I can tell
  • Bottom tree void hunter got a buff, need to get screen caps. Good synergy between smoke bomb and grenade now. Smoke bomb resets grenade. Grenade tick damage from grenade regens smoke bomb.
  • Each piece of armor looks like it has at least 10 mods that can be used in it, haven’t seen under 10 per piece. Some showing more than 10 that can be applied
  • Artifacts grant new mods over each season, will change in seasons.
  • Mods dismantle into mod components than you can turn into banshee
  • Ammo drops have glows now to show the working perks and an on screen buff to tell you
  • Everything will drop 2.0 versions after Oct 1 – even old content
  • Warlock auto aim buddy doesn’t break camo from a hunter.
  • Classes are now shown next to character name in world.
  • Enemies glow yellow / orange when you can proc a finisher. Subtle but noticeable
  • WEAPONS OF LIGHT BUFF FROM DANCE DOME! CD when outside of dome

There’s also a new character gear screen that many were quick to point out during the stream. This new gear screen will now show the character’s Ghost and Sparrow on the same screen.  The screen also confirmed that we would be getting a raise in the glimmer cap, going from 100,000 to 250,000.

A look at the New Age Armory Shader

New Armor Stats

A look at the upgrade screen for Destiny 2 Armor 2.0

Not much else was announced during the stream as the team didn’t want to spoil to much it for people out there. They did however confirm that we can expect to see more very soon as they will be hosting a panel at this years gamescom.

In other Destiny 2 news, go check out the patch released yesterday, as well as this week’s Weekly Reset.

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