Destiny 2 Update 1.39 Patch Notes and File Size Info (

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Following today’s Destiny 2 maintenance, Bungie has rolled out a new Destiny 2 patch titled! On the PS4 front, the file clocks in at just 135MB. You can check out the full Destiny 2 update 1.39 patch notes below.

Destiny 2 update 1.39 patch notes:


Solstice of Heroes
  • The Solstice armor step objective “defeat 100 minibosses in the EAZ” has been updated
  • Now requires only 50 minibosses
  • Completing the boss phase counts as 5 miniboss kills
Moments of Triumph
  • End date for Moments of Triumph has been extended to 9/17 (changed from 8/27)
  • Moments of Triumph T-shirt claim date has been extended to 9/17
  • Micro Mini Sparrow has a new, size-appropriate, Microdrive
  • The “Wolves Unleashed” and “Prismatic Inferno” emblems can now be reclaimed from Collections

Yeah, not a lot in this patch, but that’s to be expected. In other Destiny 2 news, the Shadowkeep expansion is listed at a whopping 165Gb, though there’s a logical explanation for it. For those interested in cross-save, and migrating to Steam, head on over here for the details.

Source: Bungie

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