Destiny 2 Clans Progression Features Are Now Live, Start Earning Bright Engrams With Your Friends

Destiny 2 Clans Progression features are now live, just in time for the weekend! Players can now join their friends and earn bonus XP, which once you’ve hit level 20, means bonus Bright Engrams! Every little helps, so be sure to group up and get earning.

Bungie confirmed on Twitter that Destiny 2 Clans Progression is active, while also stating that Clan Rosters will be made available “at a later date.” 

Here’s what you need to do in order to access Destiny 2 Clans Progression:

• Ensure your Clan has 2 or more members enrolled.
• If you’re actively playing, please sign out of Destiny 2 and sign back in.
• Ensure you have your in-game Clan Banner within Character Inventory. If you haven’t retrieved your Clan Banner, please visit Hawthorne.

If you haven’t already created a clan, click here to get started! And discover the various clan rewards by reading this guide.

Source: Bungie.netTwitter (@BungieHelp) via GameSpot

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