Report: Destiny 2 Clan Rewards and Guided Game Benefits Detailed

If you’re already planning to team up with friends on your Destiny 2 adventure, you may as well join a clan. Playing with fellow clan members will earn you bonus rewards. What can you earn? Well, read on and find out!

The following information was shared by Reddit user “namasuki”, who has managed to secure an early copy of the Destiny 2 GameStop guide.

Aside from the obvious benefits of forging new alliances, clan benefits include:

A Clan Banner

If you join a clan, you’ll finally have something to put in that final gear slot. Assist your clan to unlock special Clan Banner Perks for your Guardian. 

Clan Rewards

If your clan members complete a specified endgame activity (such as a Nightfall Strike), every member of the clank receives an engram. Just head to Hawthorne and claim your not-so-hard-earned reward. 

A Weekly Milestone

Not ready to tackle endgame content? You don’t need to be the best to be an asset. Experience earned by every member goes toward unlocking new Clan Banner Perks, and every member receives a new Milestone encouraging them to do so. 

Guided Games

Lead interested Guardians through endgame content. Success will boost your Clan’s Oathkeeper’s Score.

Sounds like joining a clan would be a good idea! Will you be teaming up with other Guardians?

Source: Reddit (User namasuki)

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