Destiny 2 Microtransactions Confirmed as Silver Returns to the Game

Destiny 2 microtransactions are going to be a thing, as confirmed by a GameStop flyer. Silver was introduced to the original game midway through its release. It was used to purchase cosmetic items and harmless emotes. Of course, a premium currency in a full-priced season-pass-possessing title is bound to cause some controversy. Let’s see how players react to Silver returning to Destiny 2!

You can spy the Silver premium currency at the bottom of the flyer, in the tweet below. 

Here are the prices, just in case that text is too small.

  • Destiny 2 Silver: 1000 (+100 Bonus) $9.99
  • Destiny 2 Silver: 2000 (+300 Bonus) $19.99

Citing his early copy of the Destiny 2 GameSpot guide, Reddit user “namasuki” presented more details of “Eververse-specific currency.” (Eververse being the marketplace where Silver and other premium currencies are spent.)

Here’s what little information there is on Bright Dust:

Currency: Bright Dust

Obtained by dismantling items acquired via Bright engrams. Bright Dust is an Eververse-specific currency.

So Destiny 2 microtransactions… How do you feel about them? And what do you make of this “Bright Dust”?

Source: Destiny 2 IntelReddit (User namasuki)

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