Report: Destiny 2 Level Cap Revealed, How to Hit Max Power Level Explained

As we close in on the Destiny 2 September 6 console release date, more and more information is being leaked about the game. The following details were posted by Reddit user “namasuki”, who has managed to secure an early copy of the Destiny 2 GameStop guide. 

In the guide, there’s a whole section dedicated to “Gaining Levels and Power.” Those looking to gain strength in the endgame will want to focus on increasing their Power Level. Here’s how the guide defines that stat:

Power Level

In essence, your Power Level represents the average Attack and Defense values of your equipped gear items. The higher those values, the higher your Power Level. 

In practice, your Power Level is much more than gear summary. It determines how much damage you’ll deal and suffer when squaring off against high-level enemies. 

By playing through regular missions you’ll be able to hit a maximum Power Level of 260. However, there are 40 more levels to gain. This is where “The Climb to Power Level 300” begins, as the guide goes on to explain:

Weekly Milestones are the best (and currently only) answer for the Power Level 260 plateau. If you want to keep gaining Power, you’ll need to open the Director and get busy clearing those weekly Milestones. 

See that Flashpoint? Go rustle up some Public Events. Call to Arms? Go start some trouble in the Crucible. If you’ve yet to finish any of the available milestones, pick one from the list, and get to work. Then, check in the following week, and do it all over again.

As for a Guardian’s max character level, which has been officially confirmed by Bungie, that will reach a limit of 20. 

How long do you think it will take players to hit max Power Level?

Source: Reddit (User namasuki)

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