Destiny 2 Development Transparency Continues, Bungie to Post Article on the “Technical Challenges”

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Bungie continues to be incredibly transparent when it comes to what’s planned for Destiny 2 future updates. What was once a long silence coming from the developer, has turned into a vast amount of responses to player questions, and more in-depth discussions on game design.

Of course, communication is just the first step towards improving the Destiny 2, but it’s definitely a good start.

Bungie game director Christopher Barrett has been especially communicative, particular on Twitter.

In response to a player asking about the ability to bulk dismantle all shaders, Barrett said that Bungie will be “posting an article explaining the technical challenge and why [they] haven’t ‘fixed it,’ along with when [players] can expect a solution.”

Barrett has also confirmed that “hidden quests” will be coming to Destiny 2, as well as the fact that “all of the features outlined in the development update will be free to all players.”

A lot of communication from Bungie here. I’m looking forward to hearing about the next batch of content, which I’m hoping comes sooner rather than later!

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