Bungie Explains Destiny 2 Faction Rewards Throttle, Says “It Will Be Adjusted in the Next Patch”

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Implemented with the weekly reset, a new Destiny 2 Faction Rally event is live, encouraging players to pick a side and grind for exclusive rewards. Sadly, it turns out that these rewards are proving incredibly tough to get, with Bungie intentionally throttling the earn rate.

Over on the game’s forums, Bungie’s player support member “dmg04” has clarified how exactly rewards are being throttled:

With the release of Curse of Osiris, each Faction has received 5 new weapons. These weapons become available over the course of the season, and cannot be earned through Faction Engrams immediately.

In the first Faction Rally of Season 2 (this week), there is a new Auto Rifle available as the Winner’s Offering. No new Faction Weapons are available through Faction Engrams.

In the second Faction Rally of the season, the Winner’s Offering is updated to a new weapon. Additionally, the previous Winner’s offering (Auto Rifles) and an additional weapon are added to Faction Engram rewards.

The final Faction Rally of the season will follow this functionality: The Winners Offering will be updated to a final weapon that has yet to be featured. The previous Winner’s Offering will be added to the Faction Engram rewards, alongside an additional weapon. This brings the total to four weapons within the Faction Engram, and a final Winner’s Offering for factions to compete for over the course of the event.

This is on top of the Lost Sector throttle, which is a different thing entirely.

The main problem here, at least according to the more vocal members of the Destiny community, is that these changes aren’t made clear before the event goes live.

Game director Christopher Barrett agrees that changes should be detailed ahead of time, saying that Bungie will “strive to communicate any changes to rewards or experiences before they go live.”

Barrett also agreed that the Lost Sector throttle was too aggressive, and confirmed that it will be adjusted in the next patch.

Not a great start to this Faction Rally. Here’s hoping things improve!

In other Destiny 2 news, this fan comic pokes fun at Tess Everis’ exploitative nature, the game’s development was apparently rebooted in early 2016, and Bungie has revealed the dates for the next Faction Rally and Iron Banner.

Source: Bungie.net via Reddit

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