Destiny 2 Comic Pokes Fun at Tess Everis’ Exploitative Nature

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Destiny 2 has received a lot of flak for its Eververse microtransactions platform. The face behind Eververse is Tess Everis’, a woman who is more than happy to take your money and leave you with unwanted loot. At least, that’s all I’ve experienced so far!

Reddit community member Taco144 has dedicated their first drawing of 2018 to explore Tess’ addiction to Silver, and just how far she’s willing to go to protect Eververse.

Pretty extreme, right?! Shame on you, Tess!

What do you think of the comic? Does it stay true to Tess’ nature? Let us know.

Click here to check out more comics and artwork from Taco144. (Spoilers: They’re pretty damn great!)

In other Destiny 2 news, a hidden Glimmer cap prevents players from earning it too quickly, the game’s second expansion is rumored to be called “God of Mars,”and Music of the Stars has now leaked online and the composer has encouraged fans to listen.

Source: Reddit

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