Hidden Destiny 2 Glimmer Cap Prevents Players Earning Too Much Too Quickly

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Eliminating enemies in Destiny 2 usually results in a bit of Glimmer as a reward. I say “usually” because there’s a newly-discovered cap that prevents players from earning too much Glimmer in too short a space of time.

Reddit user NoctisNoctua discovered that once “400ish” Glimmer is earned, enemies stop dropping it. The effect worsens as you kill more enemies, as explained in the OP:

I don’t know if this is news to anyone but I did three tests to confirm it in the EDZ where Devrim is, and one on Titan. There are tons of enemies to kill when the fallen and cabal “move against each other” so it was rather easy. Once you gain a certain amount of glimmer (400ish?), the currency stops coming until you refrain from killing anything for a while. If you take a break for a moment, the next glimmer cap is even smaller (mine stopped at 200 after a 20 second rest).

In one particular instance, after I stopped gaining glimmer, I must have killed at least 60 enemies who didn’t drop any glimmer at all. I was at 6000 glimmer, gained about 280 before the glimmer stopped, and then proceeded to kill enemies for several minutes after that. When I finally stopped and checked my inventory, I was at 6280 glimmer.

This may be old news I was unaware of. Either way, it seems like a pointless farming cap that would be near impossible to exploit and has to go. It makes me wonder how much glimmer I’ve lost out on in strikes and raids where the enemies come constantly and in great numbers.

User SnowBear78 claims that this is carried over from the original game:

It was the same in D1. Too many of us farming Exclusion Zone back when Saladin took Glimmer for his weapons and armour.

Regardless, it’s clearly a cause for concern for many players, and it would be nice for Bungie to be a bit more transparent here. It could mean a lot of Glimmer is going to waste.

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Source: Reddit via GameRevolution