Destiny 2 New Faction Gear Available to Preview, Includes New Ghosts, Ships, Shaders & More

Yesterday, Bungie game director Christopher Barrett detailed some of the changes planned for the next few months of Destiny 2 updates. One of the changes was increased rewards for Iron Banner and Faction Rally events. Players can expect to earn “new themed Sparrows, Ghosts, Ships, and Shaders.”

Well, thanks to and Reddit user DevrimKayisGay, we now have an idea of what these new loot items look like.

Dead Orbit

Ghost: Deep Space Shell – Pic • Source

Ship: Distant Pulsar – Pic • Source

Sparrow: Pale Horse – Pic • Source

Emblem: Escape This Dead Orbit – Pic • Source

Shader: Dead Orbit Ressurection – Pic • Source

Future War Cult

Ghost: Wars to Come Shell – Pic • Source

Ship: Bonegrip – Pic • Source

Sparrow: Truth Scraper – Pic • Source

Emblem: Future War Cultist – Pic • Source

Shader: War Cult Endgame – Pic • Source

New Monarchy

Ghost: Leonine Shell – Pic • Source

Ship: Leonine Carrack – Pic • Source

Sparrow: Leonine Courser – Pic • Source

Emblem: Sigil of the New Monarchy – Pic • Source

Shader: New Monarchy Succession – Pic • Source

Iron Banner

Ghost: Iron Companionship Shell- Pic • Source

Ship: Iron Pendragon – Pic • Source

Sparrow: Iron Gallup – Pic • Source

Emblem: Iron Hero Sigil – Pic • Source

Shader: Ironwood – Pic • Source


Sidearm: Peace By Consensus – Pic (Available at Faction Vendors)

Players should be able to get their hands on these items next month, when the Iron Banner and Faction Rally events become available.

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Source: via Reddit

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