Bungie Details Destiny 2 Future Updates: Better Non-Eververse Loot, Increased Vault Space & More

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Bungie game director, Christopher Barrett, took to Twitter to detail some planned Destiny 2 future updates. In his tweet thread, he talks about the upcoming Iron Banner and Faction Rally events, new non-Eververse rewards, raid tweaks, vault space, and more.

Barrett also mentions the community feedback regarding Eververse, assuring players that “[Bungie] both want[s] [its] players to feel respected, and to deliver great content regularly to [its] community.” We’re to expect an update on the “path forward after the new year.”

Here’s the full series of Barrett’s tweets:

Happy to hear from Bungie before the year’s out? What do you want to see changed in Destiny 2? Let us know.

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Source: Christopher Barrett (Twitter)