Destiny 2 Iron Banner Back on June 29, Reissued Weapons With New Perks Scheduled for July

Destiny 2 Iron Banner

While Lord Saladin was just in Destiny 2 last week, it seems he’s making another trip to the Tower, as the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event is back this June 29! In addition to that, Bungie has also announced the schedule for when the reissued weapons will be coming back with new perks!

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Schedule for June 29:

Starts: 10 AM (PT) on Tuesday, 6/29.
Ends: 10 AM (PT) on Tuesday, 7/6.

According to Bungie there’s going to be one more Iron Banner event for the season after this one, so expect Lord Saladin again soon-ish.

Bungie has also announced that the four weapons from the Dreaming City, and the four weapons from the Moon that are being reissued are set to come back to the game on July 6! Expect new weapon perks for these armaments, and these will drop from their original sources as well.

Here’s the full list of the weapons along with an example of the new perks they can each roll with:


  • Loud Lullaby
      • Tunnel Vision
  • One Small Step
      • Trench Barrel
  • Tranquility
      • Frenzy
  • Arc Logic
      • Heating Up
  • Dream Breaker
      • Cornered
  • Every Waking Moment
      • Killing Wind
  • Love and Death
      • Chain Reaction
  • A Fine Memorial
      • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Night Terror
      • One for All


  • Tigerspite
      • Frenzy
  • Twilight Oath
      • Vorpal Weapon
  • Abide the Return
      • Thresh

Once the Iron Banner is back next week, expect a post from us for the bounties! For more on Destiny 2, visit our Destiny 2 game hub.

Source: Bungie

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