Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Exploit Makes the Challenge Much Easier – Here’s How

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Arguably, the culmination of everything you do in Destiny 2 all leads to the Raids. These events take up a ton of time, manpower, ingenuity, and in some cases, luck. But what if you can pit the odds in your favor? What if you and the rest of the team are fine with cheating your way to the top? If so, check out this new Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid exploit that’s making the rounds.

Spotted over on the Destiny Subreddit, this makes the fight with Calus a lot easier. Check out the steps below.

Ready for no enemies in the throne room

When everyone spawns in you start the encounter by shooting the cup. Five people get stomped by Calus and dies. The 6th person kills themselves in the blue flames goblet

The important part

Once the wipe timer shows that 6th person leaves to orbit when 4 seconds is under the skull. This should time that person to leave when the timer reaches 0 and wipes the run

If it has worked all the doors will be open when the 5 spawn back in. The 6th person joins and then you start as normal. Shoot the goblet amd no enemies will spawn. You’ll do the whole encounter with no enemies in the throne room.

What we did:

5 people stay in the shadow realm and one person does the throne room run and you do it as normal. We got 130 skulls and killed him in one rotation

Go get him guardian’s

The video above by theMoDfatheR gaming shows how it’s done. Make sure to coordinate with your teammates or you’ll end up looking at game over screens simultaneously.

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