Report: Destiny 2 Prison of Elders Returning Based on New Database Files (Update)

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Bungie’s “Cozmo23” has went on Reddit to refute this little nugget and claims it’s just some “leftover bits.”

So, I guess that’s that. Carry on, Guardians!

Original Story:

Do you want another co-op activity in Destiny 2 that doesn’t involve Strikes, Public Events and Raids? Well, an old favorite might be coming back as some new files added by Bungie has indicated it to be so. Over on Reddit, user xxoACEoxx managed to find some files in the Destiny 2 database that pertains to Prison of Elders.

In the DestinyActivityTypeDefinition section of the DB, the missing name has now been added, details below

  • DestinyActivityTypeDefinition as of 26/09/2017 Line 15 – {“displayProperties”:{“icon”:”/img/misc/missing_icon_d2.png”,”hasIcon”:false},”hash”:73015004,”index”:18,”redacted”:false}
  • DestinyActivityTypeDefinition as of 12/10/2017 Line 15 – {“displayProperties”:{“name”:”Prison of Elders”,”icon”:”/common/destiny2_content/icons/379421028a0209ae0e28122ec8e33454.png”,”hasIcon”:true},”hash”:680256650,”index”:8,”redacted”:false}
  • Destiny 2 PoE Icon Placeholder
  • EDIT – Image for people still questioning the source/info Here

Obviously, this is not definite just yet, and should be treated as a rumor for now. Having said that, the fact that Bungie has added the files is a good indication that Destiny 2 Prison of Elders will happen. I mean, unless the studio just adds random files to punk gamers, no?

Those not familiar with the mode, Prison of Elders is a three-player co-op arena activity included in Destiny 1’s House of Wolves expansion. It puts a heavy emphasis on skill, and has their own rewards (loot).

If Bungie does bring the event back, what changes would you want to see compared to the first Destiny game?