Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – April 14, 2020

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021

It’s Tuesday, and Guardians all over the world knows it’s once again time for another Destiny 2 weekly reset post here on MP1st. Same as always, we’re back to list down the weekly refresh of activities, and more.

Destiny 2 weekly reset – April 14, 2020:

Nightfall – The Ordeal: Tree of Probabilities


  • Nightfall: The Ordeal: Adept
    • Air Superiority: Flying units do increased damage.
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal: Hero
    • All previous modifiers
    • Champions: Overload: This mode contains Overload Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Overload mod.
    • Champions: Barrier: This mode contains Barrier Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier mod.
    • Champions: Vex: This mode contains both Barrier and Overload Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier or Overload mod, respectively.
    • Hero Modifiers: Extra Shields
    • Thuun’s Stratagem: Solar damage increased. Knockback damage and distance increased.
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal: Legend
    • All previous modifiers
    • Equipment Locked: You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.
    • Match Game: Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
    • Legend Modifiers: Match Game & Extra Shields
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal: Master
    • All previous modifiers
    • Famine: All ammunition drops are significantly reduced.
    • Master Modifiers: Extra Champions & Match Game & Extra Shields & No Saved Checkpoints
    • Champions: Mob: This mode contains additional Champions.


  • Nightfall Exclusive DropD.F.A. (Hand Cannon)
  • Powerful (Tier 1) reward: Get 3 points by completing runs. Higher difficulties grant more points.
  • Pinnacle reward: Get a score of 100k. Since modifiers are fixed, this requires a high difficulty run.

Legacy Nightfalls:


Complete various activities around the EDZ, including public events, Lost Sectors, and Heroic adventures.

Weekly Crucible Rotator Playlists:

  • Iron Banner: “There will come a day when the Tower falls again. Our ability to hold territory is paramount.” —Lord Saladin – – Capture zones to increase points for every kill.
  • Clash: “The Crucible is a strange thing when you think about it. We die over and over, that we may live in the end.” —Lord Shaxx – – Fight for Valor by defeating opponents.
  • Countdown: “I hope the remaining Red Legion can see this: weapons they brought to destroy us, used as mere toys in training exercises. Do be mindful of the blast radius, though.” —Lord Shaxx – – Fight for Valor by detonating a charge, defusing the opposing charge, or eliminating all opponents.

Vanguard Burn: Void Singe

The other modifieres rotate daily, check out the Daily Reset Thread for them!

Moon Activities

Menagerie Boss: Hasapiko, Vex Minotaur

  • Extinguish: If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
  • Iron: Enemies have more health and are not staggered by damage.
  • Blackout: Enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful, and radar is disabled.
  • Void Singe: Void damage increases slightly from all sources.

Reckoning Boss: The Swords

Dreaming City Cycle: Strong Curse

  • Petra is at Rheasilvia.
  • Weekly MissionDark Monastery – Provide recon for Petra’s forces by investigating strange enemy activity in Rheasilvia.
  • Ascendant Challenge: Ouroborea, Aphelion’s Rest
  • Blind Well: Taken, Plague: Inomina

Escalation Protocol Boss: Kathok, Roar of Xol

This boss drops:


Raid Order: Dogs > Baths > Gauntlet > Calus

Challenge: The Gauntlet Challenge

Prestige Raid Lairs

  • Prestige: Gladiator
  • Armsmaster

Eververse Bright Dust Offerings

Concentrated MattergemAn Upgrade Module ionizer created from refined Mattergems.Consumable200 Bright Dust
GlimmershardA shard with the ability to generate Glimmer during combat.Consumable250 Bright Dust
Scavenger’s BoonA transmutation device with the ability to create planetary materials.Consumable250 Bright Dust
Hand Cannon VogueFinger guns are entry level.Emote400 Bright Dust
Saint’s Invocation“Find tranquility in the reprieve” —Saint-14Ship2000 Bright Dust
Spur of the MomentEight seconds is nothing.Vehicle2500 Bright Dust
Waking Nightmare“As Darkness approaches, my vision grows clearer.” —Eris MornShip2000 Bright Dust
Feline FancyKeep cat upright for safety.Emote3250 Bright Dust
Tex Mechanica ShellFor Ghosts who look to tame a wild frontier.Ghost Shell2850 Bright Dust
Magneton ThrustLiving on a prayer… and the laws of magnetism.Vehicle2500 Bright Dust
Trials of Osiris ProjectionEquip this item to change your Ghost’s projection.Ghost Projection1500 Bright Dust
Standard BearerEquip this weapon ornament to change the appearance of SUROS Regime. Once you get an ornament, it’s unlocked for all characters on your account.Weapon Ornament1250 Bright Dust
Luxe RidersEquip this ornament on any Year 3 Legendary armor set to change its appearance. Once you get a universal ornament, it’s unlocked for all characters of the relevant class on your account.Hunter Universal Ornament1200 Bright Dust
Rasputin ProjectionEquip this item to change your Ghost’s projection.Ghost Projection1500 Bright Dust
Gleaming Boon of the VanguardWhen this is used during a strike, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that strike.

Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity.|Consumable|150 Bright Dust Gleaming Boon of the Crucible|When this is used during a Crucible match, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that match.

Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity.|Consumable|500 Bright Dust Golden Age Wine|Equip this shader to change the color of your gear.|Shader|40 Bright Dust Cabal Entrance|Modifications for your ship’s transmat systems, so you’ll always arrive in style.|Transmat Effect|450 Bright Dust

Weekly Bounties

Rasputin Weekly Bounties

Public Servant: IoUse cache codes to open Rasputin chests after successfully completing Seraph Tower public events in the Rupture on Io. Complete daily bounties or Rasputin activities to earn more cache codes.4 Caches openedXP & Glimmer & Warmind Bits
Legendary Spelunker: IoEliminate Champions and use cache codes to open Rasputin chests in Legendary Lost Sectors on Io. Complete daily bounties or Rasputin activities to earn more cache codes.3 Caches opened & 12 Champions defeatedXP & Glimmer & Warmind Bits

Guardians, don’t forget, a new difficulty setting will be available in The Ordeal very soon! Read up on that here.

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