Destiny – Bungie Has Ambitious Plans For Character Creation

MMO fans will have a high number of customization options to look forward to when creating and tweaking their avatar in Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny.

The studio hope to offer an “ambitious number of skins, armor, weapons and other items for players to work with,” writes Polygon in their GDC report.

Bungie technical art lead Scott Shepherd explained in a GDC talk earlier that characters’ bodies are sectioned off into four slots; head, chest, arms, and legs. Each is customizable with the vast number of items attainable in the game. Armor pieces will function differently from one another and will be vital to gameplay progressions while remaining visually pleasing, says Shepherd.

Each class – the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan – will offer uniquely different aesthetics and will be instantly recognizable on the battlefield. Hunters will be recognized through their use of torn capes, hazmat suits, and gas masks. Warlocks will favor cloaks robes and that hide hardware underneath. Titans will sport heavy armor inspired by medieval knights.

Shepherd mentioned the importance of keeping items accessible throughout the decade of Destiny content Bungie plans to offer, meaning that pieces will be usable over and over within multiple armor sets.

Several color palettes have been developed for each of the three classes, while items will change in shape and color the more advanced they become. Bungie also hopes to include an extensive decal system that will allow users to accent colors as well as alter an item’s shininess and gradient.

“We’ve seen the system get better and better the more content we add to it,” Shepherd said. “This bodes well for a franchise we want to expand on for years and years.”

We recently learned that Bungie will be using Faceware technology to create highly detailed characters in Destiny.

Destiny launches on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 September 9. Expect details soon on the upcoming Summer beta.

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