Destiny – Bungie Promises Major Changes For Next Iron Banner Event, Get The Details

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Having acknowledge player concerns over Destiny’s previous special competitive multiplayer event, Bungie is now promising a few major changes for the next time Lord Saladin and his Iron Banner roll into town.

For starters, player level will have a much greater effect on performance in the Iron Banner, which will now require Fireteam leaders to be level 20 or higher in order to compete with their squad effectively. The studio is also addressing early quitters by providing extra incentive to complete matches. Another highlight includes armor drops that will bumped to level 30, giving advanced players more options for sidegrades.

There’s a lot more too, so check out the full notes below from Bungie’s latest Weekly Update:

Iron Banner 2.0

  • In the next Iron Banner, we will debut a much more dramatic difference between players of wide variation in Level.
  • Because of this, the next Iron Banner will also require a Fireteam leader to be Level 20 to enter. While lower Level players may join in with their Level 20+ chaperone, they will find it very challenging.
  • In the next Iron Banner, players will receive a Medallion of Iron on a loss. Upon their next win, each Medallion they carry will convert into a reputation gain almost equal to a win.
  • In the next Iron Banner, new exclusive reward Armor will be bumped to Level 30, but will still only be available in two slots. For advanced players, this will make them viable [for] functional or visual sidegrades.
  • In the next Iron Banner, the weapon types available will go from two to four, divided between drops on match victory, and purchase from Lord Saladin in the Tower.
  • In the next Iron Banner, [several Bounties] have been tuned down quite a bit, and overall the value of Bounties has been bumped up. Also, they have been moved onto Lord Saladin, who was getting a little lonely back there with only his gong and dinosaur drawings.
  • In the next Iron Banner, Lord Saladin will offer players the option of Reforging any Iron Banner weapon (including those from the last event.) This will re-roll all of the upgrades, but will also reset any progression. The cost for each Reforge will be a small number of Motes of Light, so set some aside next time Xur arrives in the Tower.
  • In the next Iron Banner, Lord Saladin will offer a 12-hour buff called Tempered, which will boost Iron Banner reputation gains. As the week goes forward, this boost will be increasingly potent, to help players starting later in the week to catch up. In Iron Banners after the next, we expect that we will further tune these bonuses by increasing their potency, but limiting their effect to lower Ranks.
  • In the next Iron Banner, you will still have the Rank achieved in the last. But we still want players to come together for at least a few nights of team PVP, including veterans of the last event, so the Iron Banner ranks have been increased to 5. Some of the adjustments above will help players ascend more quickly through these and existing ranks.
  • In future Iron Banners, we will change over from Reputation to an Event Standing model where ranks are reset, but only after we better tune the effort required to reach the higher ranks.
  • DISCLAIMER: Some of the above changes are still undergoing internal testing, and we may encounter critical issues that force us to postpone a change. We’ll keep you posted.

According to Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague, more specifics on the upcoming Iron Banner changes will be available in a separate post soon.

What’s your take on the changes listed so far? Do they make the Iron Banner event more appealing to you? Sound off below!