Destiny Celebrates Halloween With 2 Week-Long ‘Festival Of The Lost,’ New MP Map Added To Crucible Rotation

This week and next, Guardians are celebrating Halloween, Destiny-style, with limited-time quests and activities that yield spooky rewards.

Between now and November 9, visiting Eva Levante in newly re-decorated Tower will kick off a Halloween-inspired quest line that includes a wide variety of simple tasks. Completing these will earn you new masks that can be upgraded to Legendary status, meaning they can be kept in your inventory permanently after the festival has ended.


Quests will also drop new trick-or-treat consumables that offer specific buffs, providing you with more glimmer or an increased upgrade rate for certain weapon classes. New emotes, including a dance based on the famous choreography for Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ can also be picked up from Tess Everis for an offering of Silver.

Lastly, Bungie has added a brand new PvP map to the Crucible rotation called the Cathedral of Dusk. Here’s the set-up:

“Lord Shaxx’s Redjacks have entered the Dreadnaught, clearing a path to the area known as the Cathedral of Dusk.

“The Warlocks believe this vile site was a tomb, a place Oryx never thought the Light would touch. But now the Light is here, and Shaxx has claimed the Cathedral of Dusk as a new space to prepare for war.”

If you’re interested in creating your very own real life Destiny mask for this weekend, be sure to check out the festival’s official website for PDF templates.

It’s all a nice gesture from Bungie, so definitely log in and check out the festival when you get the chance. Hopefully we’ll be treated so something similar this holiday.

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