Destiny Community Members Create Multi-Genre Cover Album of Destiny Soundtrack, Listen to It Here

Destiny 2 Update 2.07 December 14

If you’re a fan of Destiny’s music, you’re in for a treat today. Reddit user OS_Epsilon, along with six other musician members of the Destiny community to create what they call a multi-genre cover album of the Destiny soundtrack!

Clocking in at over 33 minutes long in total, the album is called “Geomantic,” and has 10 tracks in total. It includes a diverse musical genre including: orchestral, metal, EDM, piano-solo, concert band, and more. Some of the tracks — which are listed below — are direct covers, while some are derived from them (read: inspired).

  1. Via – Inspired by The Path

  2. Conjunctio – Metal cover of The Union

  3. Amissio – EDM cover of The Ruin

  4. Fortuna Minor – Concert band version of The Tribulation

  5. Rubeus – Metal cover of The Rose

  6. Laetitia – Piano cover of The Ecstacy

  7. Carcer – Harpsichord/Organ cover of The Prison

  8. Saeculum – Orchestral cover of The Hope

  9. Untold Redux – Metal cover of Untold Legends

  10. Geomantic – Original ambient music

People interested can check it out on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and Pandora. Note that the creators have explicitly pointed out that they are not earning money from this passion project, and are doing it purely out of their love for the source material.

Not a bad album to listen to while you’re resting this holiday. This should put listeners in a raiding mood.

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