Destiny Companion App Video Walkthrough

This Fall, developer Bungie is introducing a robust companion experience to launch along side their massive shared-world shooter, Destiny.

The free companion app will be available on iOS, Android, and web when Destiny launches September 9 on consoles and will allow you to track your Guardians’ progression and growth and will provide pages and pages of stats and details. It features fully-3D models and will allow you to alter your Guardian’s equipment from the palm of your hand. You can also explore Destiny’s lore or sift through vendors that are currently situated in The Tower, among many other capabilities.

IGN has the video walkthrough that you can check out above.

The app will also be available during Destiny’s upcoming beta, compatible with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

The Beta begins July 17 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 users on July 23, and we’re giving away codes! Destiny launches September 9.

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