Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Has Arrived, The Queen Awaits

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The second major expansion for Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny, is now available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

House of Wolves opens up a brand new social space in the Reef where Guardians will meet fresh faces and begin a new quest to help the Queen that summoned you to eradicate her Fallen foe.

In addition to new Story Missions and Bounties, House of Wolves’ activities include a new three-player Strike called The Shadow Thief, a new three-player, end-game, wave-based arena event called the Prison of Elders, and a highly-competitive, three-versus-three multiplayer event called the Trials of Osiris. From these activities, you’ll earn new weapons and armor or special material to upgrade pre-existing weapons and armor to help you reach the new maximum Light Level of 34. Be sure to re-visit the Tower to find new ways to upgrade or re-roll your gear and exchange materials.

On the competitive side of things, Destiny’s PvP multiplayer will be expanded with three new maps — Thieves’ Den, Black Shield, and Widow’s Court — and a new three-versus-three, elimination-style game mode. A fourth map, Timekeeper, will be exclusive to PlayStation users for a limited time.

Here’s the official feature list, as per a recently sent out press release:

  • New Co-op Arena Activity – Set in the Prison of Elders, teams of three players can take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies to earn high-level legendary and exotic rewards.
  • New Competitive Multiplayer Event – The Trials of Osiris is a brand new, weekly 3v3 elimination event where power levels matter.
  • New Loot and Customizations – Earn new weapons, armor, and gear, including Legendary, Exotic, Faction and Fallen-themed items.
  • Level Increase – Raise your Light Level to 34, including the introduction of gear ascension to increase the maximum level of previously earned Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor.
  • New Story Missions and Quests – Take on new adventures through new missions and quests featuring Petra Venj of the Queensguard and Variks, a Fallen loyal to the Queen.
  • New Social Space – Visit a brand new space in The Reef, set within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, with new vendors offering unique rewards, new bounties and more.
  • New Strike: The Shadow Thief – Journey to the Moon and hunt down a notoriously cutthroat Fallen mercenary named Taniks.
  • New Competitive Multiplayer Maps:
    • Black Shield – a decommissioned Firebase is believed to have been a key defensive position used by the Cabal when they established their warbase on Mars
    • Thieves’ Den – a Fallen hideout located in the calderas of Venus with precarious drops that offer alternate routes for those willing to risk the fall
    • Widow’s Court – an asymmetrical map with both long sightlines and tight interiors, set in the European Dead Zone on Earth
    • PlayStation® Exclusive Content* – PlayStation® gamers will also get access to a fourth competitive multiplayer map, Timekeeper, which is set within a mysterious clockwork-like structure on Mars built by the Vex. *Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2015

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves is included in Destiny’s Expansion Pass or can be purchased separately for $19.99.

You can check out House of Wolves’ overview trailer above, as well as the official launch trailer below: