Destiny – New Dev Diary Released, Confirms Private Matches

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Well, the rumors have been true all along, Destiny is finally getting one of its most requested PVP features, Private matches.

Below is an image coming from PlanetDestiny Twitter. In it, you can see what kind of options players can use to customize their matches when the feature becomes available later next month.

There are nearly 30 maps to select from

Additionally, Bungie also confirmed that these private matches will be generally focused on clan battles. If you’re in a lobby, the clan name will display in the upper left hand-corner. The studio also mentioned in the stream that clan challenges would be an exciting thing to have now that we can create private matches.

If your like me and enjoy just wandering around maps without worrying about getting killed, you’ll also be able to boot up a map by yourself and explore it.

This certainly is a very exciting feature, one that we plan on using extensively.