Destiny – Your Guardian’s Inventory is a ‘Free-For-All of Firepower and Mayhem’

Today, Bungie is sharing a few more details that shine light on Destiny‘s inventory system.

In the latest Bungie Weekly Update, community manager DeeJ answered questions relating to player gear – how many weapons combinations a player can carry in the shared-world shooter and what sort of gear is accessible throughout the world’s different game modes.

DeeJ confirmed that players will be able to mix and match weapons, calling it a “free-for-all of firepower and mayhem”.

“Your roguish Hunter can enjoy a Sniper Rifle in his hands and a hand-cannon in his holster. My regal Warlock can butt a belt-fed heavy machine gun against his shoulder, with a Pulse Rifle at the ready. Urk’s burly Titan can draw a Scout Rifle against his foe, holding a Shotgun in reserve”

By the sounds of it, players will have significant freedom when it comes to weapon combinations in primary and secondary slots.

DeeJ also confirmed that a Guardian’s inventory will be carried into all game modes – co-operative and competitive gameplay – while allowing for flexibility in loadouts.

“The plan of record is to enable you to carry an inventory with you, and allow you to make changes on the fly,” he said. “The mysterious science that fills your pack with such wonderful toys is our secret for now. It’s technology, indecipherable from magic.”

Excited to build up your arsenal in Destiny? You’ll be able to get started on September 9 when it launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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