More Destiny News Drops Tomorrow, New Teasers

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Destiny developer Bungie teases what’s to come in the very near future with a short Instagram video featuring heroic music and space ships.

Judging by the on-screen “PRESS X TO PLAY”, it might also be our first look at Destiny’s start menu.

The studio writes, “Tomorrow, witness the formation of a Fireteam.” As some of you may know, an embargo lifts tomorrow on an influx of Destiny news from varying outlets. We’ll be learning a lot more about the game, and mostly likely get to see more of it in action as well.

Here’s the short teaser:

The teaser follow closely behind the recent revamp of Destiny’s official website, providing new info and gameplay footage.

Excited to learn more tomorrow?


Bungie has outed yet another small teaser.

Tomorrow, see how a Guardian chooses their mission,” writes the studio.


Another teaser from Bungie.

“Tomorrow, watch as three brave Guardians take the fight deep into the enemy’s lair.”

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