Destiny The Taken King Live Stream Recap – New Strike Gameplay & Subclass Showcase

Another week, another live stream reveal with the developers who brought you Destiny and who are soon to bring you its biggest expansion yet, The Taken King.

This time, Bungie Community Manager DeeJ and Bungie Desing Lead James Tsai presented a new three-player co-operative Strike coming with The Taken King DLC called Shield Brothers. It takes place in the heart of the Hive Dreadnaught where two senior Cabal commanders have launched their invasion, hell-bent on blowing up the place to smithereens. Considering the potentially important secrets that The Taken King Oryx’s lair holds, it’s imperative that you stop them.

Meanwhile, Community Manager Cozmo, Community Guest Mr. Fruit, and Sandbox Designer Claud Jerome assembled a Fireteam of Guardians sporting three of the new Subclasses in The Taken King: The Titan’s Sunbreaker, the Hunter’s Nightstalker, and the Warlock’s Stormcaller.

[youtube id=”z4rwWia8LwM”]

During the stream, which you can re-watch in its entirety above, DeeJ and Tsai explained how Strikes in The Taken King are designed to be less repetitive by introducing variable encounters. In some rooms, combat scenarios are selected at random, which should help make each play-through a little different.

Tsai also mentioned that new Bosses are designed to have more personality in their attack patterns and won’t be so bullet sponge-y. In addition, certain loot will also drop from specific bosses, which takes a bit of the guess-work out of hunting for specific gear.

If you missed it, you can catch last week’s live stream right here where Bungie shared the essentials on what’s in new Destiny Year Two.

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