Destiny Update 2.0 Will Put a New Spin on Questing in The Taken King

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As Destiny‘s second year of content approaches, developer Bungie is aiming to improve on some of the game’s most basic elements in accordance with fan feedback.

With the launch of Destiny: The Taken King on September 15, Guardians can expect a new and improved ways to manage Quests and Bounties, as well as new adventures inspired by some of Destiny’s more well-liked missions, like the Thorn Bounty.

“The implementation of Quests and Bounties in Year One was a foundation, but it was clear to us and the community that it was an area for improvement, especially if we wanted to rely on questing even more in Year Two,” Creative Director Luke Smith wrote in Bungie’s latest Weekly Update.

“The Taken King was built with Quests in mind, but we didn’t want to ignore the Year One content in this global change. So as a part of this update, we’ve taken all Destiny content and – for lack of a better term – ‘questified’ it.”

He listed off some of the areas of improvements the team is currently focusing on.

  • “We’re increasing the number of Bounties players can carry”
  • “Both Quests and Bounty slots will be tracked in the HUD”
  • “Completed Bounties will be turned in from the Quests screen”
  • “Reputations will be moved from Inventory to the Quests page”

quest_hud_large quest_no_tooltip_large quest_details_largeMuch more is to come in the weeks leading up to The Taken King and Update 2.0’s launch, says Bungie, including more details on guns, balance, progression, destinations, and enemies.