Destiny’s “Biggest Content Addition To Date” Arrives This Fall, Content Expected Throughout The Summer As Well

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Echoing statements from earlier this year, publisher Activision has re-confirmed that Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny, is still on course to receive its “biggest content addition to date” this Fall.

This point was highlighted in Activision’s Q1 2015 earnings report where Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg elaborated on future plans for Destiny during a Q&A session.

“[…] we have a very robust content plan for Destiny starting with our second major expansion pack, House of Wolves, which has already been announced, and then you’ll also see content being dropped off this summer,” he explained. “And then, in the fall, we’ll have a major release which will be the biggest addition to the Destiny universe yet across all modes of play.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have more details than that today, but we’re confident it’s going to incredibly appealing to not just our current fans, but also to people who haven’t yet joined the Destiny universe. It’s going to be that big of an expansion.”

Activision and Bungie have yet to announce their summer plans for Destiny, so we’re not certain if Hirshberg was referring to additional expansion releases, or perhaps more title updates and special events. Either way, it sounds like there’s a lot in store for Destiny’s future.

According to reports from earlier today, a filing of a new trademark at Activision suggests Destiny’s next major expansion could be called “The Taken King.” This, along with today’s news, falls directly in line earlier reports of a major Destiny re-release that would include both old and new content in one package called a “Comet”.

Bungie revealed new details on Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion earlier today, launching May 19, including the new Prison of Elders end-game event and new Strike mission called The Shadow Thief.

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