The Vault of Glass Is Open, Here’s What you Need to Know About Destiny’s Most Difficult Mission

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The most arduous challenge that Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny, has to offer is now open to any and all Guardians of a high enough rank.

While the just-opened Vault of Glass raid may still be accessible to Guardians below level 26, the studio stresses that “to even approach this trial of teamwork and combat, the Guardians in your Fireteam will need to be level 26.”

You’ll also need a full team of six players that you’ll have to recruit manually, as there is no matchmaking built into the raid. According to Bungie, it is imperative that you configure loadouts so that your fire team is versatile and able to handle a variety of situations. Communication, cooperation, and synchronization will be key to success.

Because the Vault of Glass is not a limited time event, players will have as long as it takes to complete its challenges. That said, you’ll only have one week before your progress is reset. That means, if you’re starting tonight or any time this week, you’ll have until 2AM Pacific on Tuesday morning, September 23 before you’ll be required to start anew.

In order to continue the raid from where you left off after taking a break, you’ll need to follow the exact same Fireteam leader back into the mission — something important to keep in mind.

If being ready isn’t a thing that will happen any time soon for you, you can always catch the handful of live streams that have been rounded up by the studio right here.

If you’re finding it difficult to gather a party of six level 26 Guardians, forum user beerock has developed a very useful tool to help players on any platform find each other and make things happen. You can check out beerock’s matchmaking website right here.

If you’re off to enter the Vault of Glass, then we wish you the best of luck. Be sure to share your spoiler-free findings in the comments below!

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