Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns End Of December With PlayStation-Exclusive Gear

Upon the departure of Destiny’s Sparrow Racing League timed-event at the end of this month, Lord Saladin and his Iron Banner will return to The Tower. According to Bungie, that’s at 10AM Pacific Time on December 29.

The game mode will return to Control and a new set of gear will be available as purchases from Lord Saladin or as post-game rewards. This time around, users on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 are also getting their own set of exclusive rewards, which will come in the form of armor pieces. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Auto Rifle




Titan Armor


Hunter Armor


Warlock Armor


PlayStation-Exclusive Armor


According to Bungie, Guardians will be able to purchase the boots at Rank 3, the Helmet and Auto Rifle at Rank 4, and the Shotgun at Rank 5. Meanwhile, the Helmet may drop as a post-game reward at Rank 2, the Class Item and Auto Rifle at Rank 3, and the Shotgun at Rank 4.

You can read more on Bungie’s latest Weekly Update.

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