Destiny’s Next Update Will Bring Changes to Exotic Weapons, Latest Strike Tweaks Explained

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Developer Bungie is not done updating Destiny before the launch of December’s The Dark Below DLC.

According to Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague in the latest Weekly Update, the studio is “about to give you more reasons to covet almost all of the Exotics in the Grimoire deck” in the game’s next patch.

Exotics are about to come off the workbench,” he explained. “We’ll be shuffling the cards before The Dark Below launches. Just in time for fresh targets. We know you’ve been waiting and asking while we’ve been working.”

“The economy of war in the City is being updated along with the rarest and most unique guns on your rack. Even the marks you’ve earned will have new buyers who hold what your arsenal craves.”

What exactly all this means, we’re not quite sure yet. As Dague noted, he’s “saving the numbers for the notes that are being written up right now.”

In Destiny’s 1.0.3 Update that launched earlier this week, Guardians may have noticed a slight difference in the level of difficulty when attempting to solo Strikes. According to Designer James Tsai, it was intentional, but the studio is looking at ways to enable players to continue completing Strikes alone with greater ease.

“We were looking over the data from Strikes and found that some unintentional damage scaling was occurring based on team size. The larger the Fireteam, the more damage an enemy shot would inflict upon its members,” Tsai explained.

“We made a couple of changes. First, we tuned the damage to be a little easier overall so that we’d see higher survival rates in 3-player fireteams. Then, we normalized these damage values across all group sizes so that players wouldn’t feel that additional Guardians joining their Strike made things harder. Players can now be certain that people joining their team are helping their progress, not hindering it.”

“The side effect of this change is that playing Strikes solo has indeed become a little harder. We acknowledge that this is undesirable for many players and we are considering different ways to solve these problems.”

So, if you’re wondering what happened there, now you know.

Look forward to more updates from Bungie in the near future by keeping your sights locked right here on MP1st.