Destiny’s Next Update Will Make The Prison Of Elders’ Toughest Boss A Little Easier

Skolas and his minions getting you down? You’re not alone. The big boss of Destiny‘s level 35 Prison of Elders, an end-game PvE event introduced alongside the launch of House of Wolves DLC, may laugh off your Fireteam’s tactics, but he’s not immune to Bungie’s Nerf Hammer.

According to Bungie Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague, the team has been monitoring your adventures since launch. Check out this heat map of the Skolas Encounter.


Too bad it doesn’t capture how long some Fireteams have spent just trying to put a dent in Skolas’ health bar. Creative Director Christopher Barrett agrees that the encounter could use some tweaking.

“First off, the elemental burns proved to be too punishing (being one-shot by tracking Arc fire for example),” he explained. “This makes it too tempting to rely on one common tactic (three Gjallarhorns on a Solar Burn). In addition, the difficulty swings too wildly from week to week and average playtimes are tracking much longer than intended.”

With Destiny update, due out some time before the next weekly reset, the studio is aiming to make the encounter “challenging and require teamwork, only in a more predictable way that doesn’t feel cheap.” So, here are a few points Bungie is working out:

  • New Modifier combinations (Arc, Void, and Solar Burn will be removed)
  • Boss health is reduced (to compensate for the lack of burn)
  • Minions will spawn at predictable health intervals
  • Minor adjustment to the unit makeup of the combatant waves

What’s your experience with the Prison of Elders been like so far? Frustrating, or rewarding?

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