Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls – Mystic Artisan And New Weapon Enchantments Detailed

Diablo 3’s first expansion pack, Reaper Of Souls, will add an entire new and the new ‘Paladin’ character class, as well as a number of additional features when it releases on the PC and PlayStation 4 in the near future. However, eager fans have something new to look forward to.

recent post by Blizzard details a new feature of the Reaper Of Souls expansion: the addition of an new artisan ally, Myriam Jahzia, who’s capable very unique abilities such as enchanting your rare or legendary items to be more powerful by re-rolling one attribute of your choice.

Be cautious, as not all attributes are eligible to be re-rolled. However, you can re-roll an eligible attribute as many times as you wish in order to make that perfect item you’ve been searching for. Once you have, that will be the only attribute that you can re-roll. If you’re feeling a little buyers remorse from the new attribute that you implemented, Myriam does offer to put back the previous attribute that you replaced.

Myriam also has the ability to change the appearance of an item of your choice, thanks to the new Transmogrification feature, that is if you have unlocked the appearance.

Luckily, unlocking appearances for your items to morph into isn’t much of a hassle as it solely depends on your Mystic level. Also, much like other special items throughout Diablo 3, any items that undergoes either of the new enhancements will be binded to your account, meaning friends or anyone else won’t able to pick it up or use it.

A small glimpse of the selection you have to morph your pants into
A small glimpse of the selection you have to morph your pants into

Much like the previous artisans found in Diablo 3, Myriam’s services does comes with a small fee, such as certain crafting materials and the amount of gold necessary to either enchant or morph an item of your choice.

Note: Legacy items (items that were picked up before the expansion goes live) won’t unlock a unique appearance. 

At the moment, Reaper Of Souls is currently slated to release on the PC and the PlayStation 4 platform with no known release plans for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions.

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