Diablo 3 Won’t Be A Launch Title For Next Generation Platforms

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Those looking to get their dungeon crawler fix on either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One when they launch sometime later this year will probably have to wait a little longer, according to recent a recent interview with Blizzard developers.

During an interview with Diablofans, Josh Mosqueira, Travis Day and Wyatt Cheng, some of the development team behind the latest installment of the popular dungeon crawler, it was revealed that the next-generation console version of Diablo 3 will not be available as a launch title for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Due to them just getting their hands on developer kits of said consoles, it will take a little while longer. However, they did reveal that it will instead be released sometime in 2014. Additionally, Diablo 3 fans can expect new features to be announced before BlizzCon, which takes place in the month of November.

Those looking to play Diablo 3 on current generation consoles can do so when it releases on September 3.