Diablo 4 Level Cap And Game Length Revealed

diablo 4 level cap

Diablo fans were given a look at the upcoming Diablo 4 in action at the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase. Now, the game’s director, Joe Shely has revealed in an interview with Gamespot how long players can expect the main questline to take them as well as the Diablo 4 level cap. 

In the interview, Shaly confirmed that the developers expect reaching the end of the main story to take players roughly 35 hours. This is quite a bit longer than Diablo 3 which usually takes around 20 hours while it is similar to Diablo 2, which takes about the same time. Shely also said that by the time players finish the story they will be around level 45, but that is far from the end. 

In fact, Shely confirms in the interview that the level cap in Diablo 4 is a whopping level 100. Even then, reaching the level cap is far from the end of the game, as Diablo 4 has been confirmed to have an extensive end game to keep players engaged for much longer than just the main story quests. 

The news of the Diablo 4’s length seems like good news for Diablo fans. It will be interesting to see even more about what players can expect from the game leading up to its release. 

Diablo 4 releases in 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Source: GameSpot

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