DICE Apologizes to PS3 Battlefield 3 Players, Promises a Fix for VOIP

One of the major issues that PS3 Battlefield 3 owners are anxiously waiting for DICE to iron out is indeed being fixed.

If you check the comments’ section of almost any BF3 article here on MP1st, you’ll notice PS3 gamers are getting fed up with the way DICE has handled the voice chat problems. As James put it on our latest article where we revealed B2K’s trophies, “DICE should unlock: Finding Mic Meyers – Fix the VOIP’s problem (Gold trophy)”. Unfortunately, the latest patch didn’t fix that particular problem. Through the official Twitter account of Battlefield 3, DICE stated to one fan with regards to the voice chat problem, “we apologize for lateness for the fix”. They also reassured that they “are aware of the inconveniences with the VOIP on PS3. [DICE is] working hard to address this concern.” So, there you have it, VOIP problems will be fixed, but still there is no official word on input lag.

On a different note, since the patch went live on the PS3, players have been experiencing problems with the game not loading properly. DICE suggests to talk to a game adviser at EA’s Help Center.

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