DICE Devs Hint at Upcoming Battlefield 4 Updates – DMRs, Grenades, Spectator Mode, and More

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With the holidays at an end, Battlefield 4 developers are back in office and are are hinting at a few upcoming tweaks that may or may not be making it into future game updates.

On Twitter, DICE multiplayer game designers Alan Kertz and Dennis Brännvall threw a few ideas out into the wild, presumably to gather feedback on a few of the items they may be looking into.

In one Tweet, for example, Kertz acknowledged the community’s desire for a few balance improvements made to designated marksman rifles, grenades, hand flared, helicopters, and more.

“Got a nice update yesterday on BF4 fixes balance and progress. The team has been busy while I was out,” he writes. “Rebalance. DMR. V40. RGO. FB. MAA. Heli. Hand Flares. Oh the humanity!”

He continued with his thoughts on grenade balance, saying, “small impact wins, looking at a smaller explosion sound and effect on the V40, to show off its a less effective grenade and reduce spam.”

“I think the V40 is a bigger issue in Hardcore than Core,” he added. “Agree?”

Meanwhile, Brännvall noted his interest in improving Battlefield 4’s spectator mode, though he mentions that updates may not happen any time soon.

“Watching @BattlefieldESL spectator feels outdated now in comparison, improvements are coming,” he said. “Mostly tweaks and removal of clutter, better flow to spectator. All in all it adds up. Casters are doing a great job though.”

“That said, I’m not working right now because my wife is close to ten months pregnant. Still watching comp bf4. #Married2Job #FixTheGame”

These are in no way official announcements of incoming Battlefield 4 fixes and tweaks, but it might give some insight as to what alterations DICE developers are currently considering.

Also, considering stability updates and bug fixes are still being rolled out, it may be a while until we see a proper balance update from developers DICE. Keep your sights on MP1st for the latest info!


Battlefield 4 game designer Alan Kertz shared a few more thoughts on his Twitter account regarding helicopter and moble anti-air balance.

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