DICE is “making good progress” with BF3 PS3 Input Lag and VOIP Issues

Daniel Matros gives Battlefield 3 players an update on the input lag and VOIP issues that have been holding back the PS3 version.

We know many of you have been anxiety waiting for an update regarding the issues the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3 is experiencing. Up until now, DICE has only been saying that these are known problems or that they “are investigating the root cause and possible solutions.” Apparently, DICE is “still working” towards addressing the VOIP issues but “making good progress” according to Battlefield 3’s global community manager, Daniel Matros. Daniel went on to promise that PS3 input lag and VOIP “will be fixed eventually.” Unfortunately, there’s “no ETA” on when DICE will release a patch to iron out these issues, but if history is any indication, DICE tries to work in as many fixes in one patch. When Matros was asked on whether these fixes will be included in the much awaited February patch, he explained “no timeframe given” at this point.

We hope DICE releases a patch specially to address these problems as soon as fixes are completed.

Fahed Jaradat

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