DICE Puts Battlefield 3 Beta Start Date Rumors to Rest

As expected for a mammoth title like Battlefield 3, rumors and speculation over every aspect of the game are rampant.

Lately, an old rumor on Battlefield 3’s beta release date has resurfaced. The rumor stipulates that DICE is going to launch the Beta on September 9th for Medal of Honor owners and people who preordered BF3 through EA’s Origin, and it will go live on September 11th for everyone else. However, DICE’s Daniel Matros has just put this particular rumor to bed by reassuring it is “not valid”. Further, DICE confirmed that this open beta is coming in “September at a date to be announced” and “will be available on all consoles”. In terms of who’s getting the beta, Andreas Kosh, in an interview with the Red Dragons Germany clan, has revealed that people who own Medal of Honor or preordered BF3 via Origin do have a 48 hour head start over the rest.

In case you haven’t heard, snipers rifles can’t one hit body kill in Battlefield 3.

Luckily, I own a PS3 copy of Medal of Honor and can’t wait to get a taste of Battlefield 3. And, for those of you who are worried about the fact that DICE hasn’t shown any 360 footage, all we can say is In DICE We Trust.

For a complete coverage for everything Battlefield 3 related, be sure to visit MP1st’s Battlefield 3 page.

Are you a Medal of Honor owner? Did you preorder BF3 through Origin?

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