Report – DICE Quietly Increases Battlefield 4 Level Cap To 110 With Release of China Rising

Amidst of the launch of Battlefield 4’s ‘first’ expansion pack, China Rising, and the currently ongoing player appreciation double XP week, it appears that developers DICE have added a special treat for those who’ve already reached the level cap in Battlefield 4.

As some of you may have already noticed, it would seem that the level cap of 100 has been increased all the way up to 110. According to a post on EA’s forums, this is the case, even though no official or public mention was made by either EA or DICE.

Interestingly enough, once you reach level 101 and above, DICE made sure that you will stick out like a sore thumb on the scoreboard, as the boring white text for your rank will now be replaced by a pink/magenta color which is sure to cause an eyesore if stared at for too long. Check it out below:


Note: The gamertags of the individuals in the picture above have been censored to protect their identity

This is, of course, good news for those who already have reached the previous level cap of 100, as they now have something new to look forward too.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the trend continue with the release of future expansions. Have you ranked up to either 100 or 110 already?

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