DICE: “We have mad love for Infinity Ward and Treyarch”

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DICE’s Lead Designer, David Goldfarb, has nothing but kind words for the two major Call of Duty development studios.



Recently, you might have read about EA and Activision going at it in a very competitive manner. We even compiled all the stories for you here. Last month, we reported on what Robert Bowling had to say about Battlefield 3 after getting a taste of the awesomeness. It was a really nice gesture on Bowling’s part as he was talking about Call of Duty’s number one rival and sharing that with his 200,000 plus followers.

Many people are still baffled by the war between EA and Activision, so when a fan complained to David Goldfarb about Battlefield’s bashing of Call of Duty. He said “how bout bf3 stops with the bashing of cod. I love both games and it is annoying. Not going to buy it if you keep it up.” Goldfarb replied with a very interesting answer; he distanced DICE from EA’s actions by saying “DICE has nothing to do with the bashing of COD, we have mad love for IW and Treyarch, anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.” It’s good to see developers not middling in publishers’ affairs.

Recently, Robert Bowling mentioned that he’s going to play Battlefield 3 when it’s comes out. He replied to angry CoD fan who’s going to switch to BF3 this year with “I’m sad to hear that man. They’ll both be great games, so maybe I’ll see you online there then!” I wonder if Bowling will play the beta that comes out tomorrow. We, at MP1st, have always stated that both games are different enough to satisfy different FPS needs.

What do you guys think of Goldfarb’s comment?

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