Digital Extremes Announces the Winner of Their Warframe: Octavia Contest

In case you missed the news, Digital Extremes recently held a competition that celebrated the release of Octavia Prime. The rules? Show Octavia, the musical Warframe at her best using a collection of hand picked songs supplied by Warframe’s partner JoeyZero. The result? Some really cool Warframe montages.

As announced on Digital Extreme’s official forums for Warframe, down below you’ll find the top 10 finalists, with the top 5 winning free credits for Warframe (#1 spot got the Octavia Prime frame).

#10: DualFlux

#9: MMofi


#7: IMr.Igor

#6: EndaDia

5: MagRanger

#4: Rickun

#3: Ascend_Michel

#2:  8SoMoL8

#1: Mega_lova_nia

Talk about some talent there, and huge congrats to Mega Lova Nia for earning the top spot! You’ve certainly captured the musical spirit of Octavia, though that isn’t to say that the rest of the contenders haven’t. All great work, and we hope to see more from you all in the future.

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