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Warframe X Unreal Tournament Crossover Bundle Announced News 1

News 1 Tennos, Warframe is crossing over with Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament with a new bundle for Epic Games Store players! Available for free for a limited time, this Warframe X Unreal Tournament bundle introduces three player-favorite weapons from Epic’s shooter to Warfame! From today, Thursday, December 10, to Thursday, December 24 at 11:59 pm ET, PC […]

Warframe Update 1.94 December 9 Brings Deimos: Arcana (PS5 01.002.000) News 0

News 0 Digital Extremes has released the Warframe update 1.94 December 9 patch (PS5 version 01.002.000), which brings Deimos Arcana to consoles! According to Digital Extremes this patch for console includes everything from PC hotfix 29.2.2 to 29.5.5, and cherry picked additional changes and fixes, which are all listed in the patch notes below. This is the […]

Warframe PS5 Release Date Set for Nov. 26, Here Are the New Features News 1

News 1 Tennos migrating from the PS4 to PS5, you’ll be able to shoot, slice and loot your way to new-gen platforms, as Digital Extremes has announced the Warframe PS5 release date is set for November 26! Check out the previously released trailer as well as the list of new features PS5 gamers can expect from the […]

Warframe Update 1.93 November 19 Deployed as Hotfix #3 News 0

News 0 While Digital Extremes released a new Warframe patch earlier this week, the studio has rolled out the Warframe update 1.93 November 19 patch today. Note that for EU, this will show up as Warframe update 1.92. This is called the Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: Hotfix #3, which is detailed below. Related Reading: Warframe Next-Gen […]

Warframe Update 1.92 November 16 Released for Nezha Prime Hotfix #2 News 1

News 1 Digital Extremes has released the new Warframe update 1.92 November 16 patch, and this is called the Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: Hotfix #2 by the developers.This is a minor patch, and is the first-ever hotfix on the PS5 version of the game. Related Reading: Warframe Next-Gen Features & PS5 Unique Features Revealed, Xbox Series […]

Warframe Next-Gen Features & PS5 Unique Features Revealed, Xbox Series X Version Details to Be Revealed Later News 1

News 1 Tennos looking forward to next-gen, Digital Extremes has announced the Warframe next-gen features today! In addition to that, we even get a comparison between the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, and what’s more, PS5 gamers will be getting unique features thanks to the new DualSense controller and the console itself. Check out the […]

Warframe Update 1.91 October 14 Is the Heart of Deimos Interim 29.2.1 Patch News 0

News 0 Console gamers (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch), Digital Extremes has rolled out the Warframe update 1.91 October 14 patch, or what the studio calls the Heart of Deimos Interim 29.2.1 update! This includes everything from the PC hotfix 29.0.7 to 29.2.1! Warframe Update 1.91 October 14 Patch Notes: We have remastered our textures and lightmaps […]

Digital Extremes Developing Improved Graphic Engine for Warframe Next-Gen Transition News 0

News 0 Good news for Warframe fans as Digital Extremes have confirmed that development on an improved graphic engine has begun to help the team’s Warframe next-gen transition. In short: expect a prettier game! Full details on Warframe next-gen enhanced graphic engine. Enhanced (formerly referred to as ‘Deferred’) is a complete redesign to achieve more accurate reflections and […]

Warframe Update 1.90 September 3 Heart of Deimos Interim Patch Now Live on PS4 & XB1 News 0

News 0 Digital Extremes has released the Warframe Heart of Deimos Interim Patch for PS4 and Xbox One! Console gamers should see this as the Warframe update 1.90 September 3 patch. While it’s an interim patch, there are loads of gameplay changes in it. Head on below for the patch notes. Warframe Update 1.90 September 3 patch […]

New Warframe Update Today 1.89 Brings the Heart of Deimos Expansion (Update) News 1

News 1 It’s finally here, Tennos! Digital Extremes’ big expansion Heart of Deimos is out and for all platforms (well, almost all). Clocking in at 5.9GB on PS4, the new Warframe update today 1.89 is also out on the Xbox One and PC, while the Nintendo Switch version will get it at a later date (due to […]

Warframe Heart of Deimos Receives New Trailer, Xaku Warframe Profile Video Released News 0

News 0 Ahead of tomorrow’s release for Warframe’s next major expansion, Digital Extremes have released two brand-new trailer to celebrate the Warframe Heart of Deimos launch. Down below you’ll find both trailer along with some details of the Heart of Deimos expansion. Xaku Warframe Profile video About Warframe Heart of Deimos: The new Heart of Deimos Quest […]

Warframe Update 28.3.0 Released on PC, Includes Small Preview of Heart of Deimos Content News 0

News 0 A new Warframe mainline update was pushed out a couple of days ago, brining a large amount of changes, including a sneak preview at some of the Heart of Deimos content. read on for the full Warframe Update 28.3.0 patch notes! Down below you’ll find the notes for the latest mainline update. We went ahead […]

TennoCon 2020 Viewership Breaks Recods, Logs Combined 2.44 Million Hours Watched News 0

News 0 With Digital Extremes holding its annual TennoCon digitall this year due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, it seems this equated to more people tuning in and “attending” given most people are stuck at home as well. There is a silver lining though as the TennoCon 2020 viewership has broken records for the studio! In a […]

Digital Extremes Explains Why They Choose to Focus on the Infested for Warframe Heart of Deimos News 0

News 0 The next Warframe expansion, the Heart of Deimos has finally been revealed and with it comes many questions that fans may have, one of them being why focus on the third faction known as the Infested? In a closed-door stream session, Digital Extreme’s Live Operation and Community Director Rebecca Ford, explained the reasoning as to […]

Meet the 44th Warframe – Warfame Xaku Abilities and Ultimate Revealed News 0

News 0 The newest Warframe has been announced! Meet Xaku, the community created broken Warframe all about that good ole void energy. Making its debut during this year’s Tennocon, here’s a breakdown of Xaku abilities and ultimate. Inspired by the fallen Warframes of the Void, Xaku is a void focus frame, designed from the culmination of ideas […]

Warframe Updates Simultaneous Release Is Something the Devs Are Hoping Will Continue to Happen News 0

News 0 While console gamers do get the Warfare updates the PC version of the hit free-to-play shooter, it’s usually a few weeks late. Well, that’s about to change with the upcoming expansion, Heart of Deimos, which is the first major Warframe update seeing a simultaneous release on all platforms. This is a pretty big deal, as […]

Warframe Heart of Deimos Gameplay, Details & Screenshots Gives a Peek at What’s Coming News 1

News 1 Today, during Tennocon 2020, Digital Extremes announced that the next big Warframe expansion, Heart of Deimos will be out this August 25! If you want a peek at what’s coming, we’ve posted over 30 minutes of Warframe Heart of Deimos gameplay, details and even screenshots! Heart of Deimos follows Digital Extremes’ two previous open worlds, […]

Warframe Heart of Deimos Release Date Is August 25, Simultaneous Launch on All Platforms News 0

News 0 Ready up Tennos, Digital Extremes has announced the Warframe Heart of Deimos release date! Prepare to venture off in Warframe’s next big open world, the Heart of Deimos, Mars’ second moon launching on August 25 for all platforms. Showcased during Tennocon 2020 Live, Warframe Heart of Deimos will be heavily centered on the infested, the […]

Tennocon 2020: New Warframe Concept Art Released News 0

News 0 The first major Tennocon 2020 panel has just concluded and with it comes the release of some brand-new Warframe concept art. Here’s a small taste of what fans can expect to see later this year. Down below you’ll find several Warframe concept art images that were showcased during the Tennocon 2020 event. Do note that […]

Tennocon 2020 Livestream – Watch It Unfold Live News 0

News 0 At long last, the annual Tennocon event has finally begun! If you want to join in on the fun, check out our Tennocon 2020 livestream below! Join Digital Extremes as they host a live show in celebration to all things Warframe related, giving us a look at the past, present, and future of Warframe, including […]

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