Digital Extremes Looking to Revamp Warframe Railjack With Upcoming Updates

Back in December, Digital Extreme launched a massive Warframe update called “Empyrean”, which introduced for the first time in the series, pilotable Railjacks. It was meant to introduce a whole new layer of combat to Warframe, yet despite the intentions, many of the current players have felt that gameplay wasn’t up to par with the rest of Warframe. Well, they aren’t alone, as Digital Extremes has taken notice of this, and plans on releasing a Warframe Railjack Revisited update that will make many changes to the Railjack system.

Taking part in an interview with Youtuber, Quite Shallow, Digital Extremes’ lead designer Scott McGregor took to talk about the current state of Warframe and touched upon some of the key changes being made for the Warframe Railjack Revisited update. One of those big changes they’re testing is limiting the number of breaches, fire, and the other hazards down to just one so players aren’t in a constant state of preparing the Railjack. Other changes also include general balancing to the economy and enemies, Railjack movements, all in effort to make it feel more “arcade” like.

“I want to make sure that the core combat loop for Railjack is solid enough. Is it fun to kill fighters? Is it fun to engage against a crew ship? Exterminate is what we call our simplest mission. If we can make Exterminate fun and engaging, then when we make other more interesting, more complicated game modes then those should be fun as well.”

Great news indeed. You can watch the full interview below, which we highly recommend for all you Warframe players as it gives us a great look at the inside development happening at Digital Extremes.

Stay tuned for more Warframe news as we move closer to Tennocon 2020!

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