Dirt 5 Update 2.01 December 18 Races Out

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While Dirt 5 racers just got the big 2.00 update for the game earlier this week that added wheel support and a host of other gameplay fixes, Codemasters has released the Dirt 5 update 2.01 December 18 patch. Given we just got a huge update a few days ago, expect this one to be a lot smaller in terms of fixes implemented.

Dirt 5 Update 2.01 December 18 Patch Notes:

HOTFIX 2.00.1

Released on PC on December 18, 2020. This hotfix, including just the Career mode inaccessibility fix, is now live on PlayStation and will also release on Xbox platforms.

  • Fixes issue causing players who’ve completed every Career to be unable to access the mode
  • Further performance improvements for Nvidia GPUs

That’s it for today’s Dirt 5 title update. If you spot any other gameplay-related changes, feel free to let us know what they are down in the comments below.

If you haven’t tried the game yet, go check out our review where we said, “DIRT 5 is a celebration of off-road racing that is crammed full with plenty of worthwhile content. It’s simplistic story while throwaway for some provides decent fun, and the variety of different racing modes ensure that the long career mode doesn’t get stale. Additional modes such as Arcade, Online and Playgrounds guarantee that even when you’ve cleared the Career that there is still plenty more entertainment to be had. Despite the occasional bumps in the road with performance and lackluster events, DIRT 5 is a great racing title that is deserving of your time. “

Source: Dirt