Discord Down and Having Issues With Messages This June 4 (Update)

discord down

Those using Discord and wondering what’s going on, it seems the app is having issues, though it seems the desktop version using a browser is still working fine. Players have reported on Discord being down and having issues with messages this June 4.

Discord Down and Experiencing Messages Issues This June 4:

Update: According to Discord, issues were resolved at 9:33 am PDT on June 4.

Multiple reports on Reddit have surfaced in the last few minutes about the outages where users are seeing their messages marked as grey and in some cases, the messages themselves disappear.

Issues with discord messages
by u/AxlRosesBandana88 in discordapp

why are my messages just grey? And when I close and restart the app, the messages are gone..
by u/Bat_Raptor_3 in discordapp

Discord is really slow and resends messages twice
by u/GGGamer_HUN in discordapp

On the official Discord Status site, it mentions that the dev team is aware of the issues and are investigating:

Update – We are continuing to investigate this issue.
Jun 04, 2023 – 06:14 PDT\

Investigating – We are currently investigating an issue that is causing some users to experience decreased API availability and elevated latency.
Jun 04, 2023 – 06:14 PDT

Same as always, we’ll be monitoring the situation and once more news develops, we’ll update the article to mention what’s new.

If you can use the Discord mobile or desktop app, leave a comment below and let us know where you’re connecting from.

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3 months ago

its not working on desktop

3 months ago

it’s like not working at all, my messages delay, they double, it’s like not working period

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