The Division – Ubisoft Reflections to Aid Ubisoft Massive In Development

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Aiding Swedish-based developers Ubisoft Massive reach their initially projected 2014 release of their upcoming MMO-shooter The Division is Ubisoft Reflections, we learned in a recent interview.

Reflections, originally based in Newcastle, is devoting one of their five different teams to entirely to the development of The Division, which accounts for approximately 40% of the studio.

Other than a Snowdrop engine tech demo and a few gameplay trailers, much of the game is still being kept under wraps with no solid gameplay details on how exactly the massive multiplayer online title will work.

Ubisoft’s quarterly financial report is scheduled for this Monday, February 10, where we expect to hear more about The Division.

What’s your take? Is the addition of a new studio a sign of struggle?

The Division is set for launch on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 later this year.

Source: Develop, via GameInformer. Thanks, Katana67!