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Atomega Announced, Isn’t Your Typical First-Person Shooter News 0

News 0 Wondering what Ubisoft Reflections (Grow Up, Grow Home) have been up to? Well, the answer is Atomega, a newly-announced first-person shooter. Though it’s part of a crowded genre, Atomega does things a little differently. I’ll let the trailer below do the talking: The official site describes Atomega as “a supersized fight for fun and dominance at the end of […]

The Division – Ubisoft Reflections to Aid Ubisoft Massive In Development News 16

News 16 Aiding Swedish-based developers Ubisoft Massive reach their initially projected 2014 release of their upcoming MMO-shooter The Division is Ubisoft Reflections, we learned in a recent interview. Reflections, originally based in Newcastle, is devoting one of their five different teams to entirely to the development of The Division, which accounts for approximately 40% of the studio. […]